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From technical expertise to quality assurance via precision technology, Exel Plating, an ISO 9001:2015 certified company, provides high-end finishing and personalized customer service.

Rack Plating

The rack plating process allows great flexibility of part selection and special shape. It offers better control on plating thickness. Each part is attached to the coated metal rack by our highly skilled operatives, using spring fingers, wire or screw for the electrical contact, depending on the size, configuration and weight of each part. The racks are then passed through one of our numerous lines, allowing a very wide selection of finishes, including the masking, plugging of certain areas of part for the selective plating.

Barrel Plating

Barrel Plating

The barrel plating process is the economic solution for electroplating when parts are relatively small and high volumes. Parts are place inside the barrel while it turns slowly under the electrolytic solution. The current is passed through the dangler that is located inside the barrel to make the electrical contact with parts when plating. Our extensive range of barrel sizes will easily accommodate a wide range of parts in small or multiple quantities. We do not recommend this process that tend to nest or mesh together.

Brush Plating

A highly specialized process, perfected by Exel Plating, provides plating to parts that by their size, shape or complicated nature are not appropriate for the barrel or rack process.


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Quality Control

EXEL PLATING has an unwavering commitment to the quality and accuracy of all our finishing operations. We have ongoing training programs with all our employees, and encourage them to contribute to the continuous search for better methods and processes.

As a registered ISO 9001:2015 organization, we are mandated to run a sophisticated system of tracking and reporting, ensuring timely delivery of finished product, and complete control over customer parts throughout the whole plating process. We have invested substantially in testing equipment as well as an onsite laboratory, to maintain and increase our quality capability. Inspection methods and techniques employed include microscopic x-ray fluorescence and Kocour.

Our laboratory provides the vital analytical service of ensuring that all the electroplating solutions we use are maintained within ideal operating parameters. Regular sample testing and evaluation contributes to the quality of every job that passes through our door. The ultimate quality checkers are the customers that continue to use our facility as their preferred source of plating.

Exel Plating, a division of Exel International

Active in the energy sector for more than 25 years, Exel International has secured a leading role in electrical component manufacturing. Now one of the major companies in the industry, it offers a full range of high-performance products developed and manufactured using highly sophisticated technologies of its own design.

Exel Plating, an ISO 9001:2015 certified company

Exel Plating, a CGP certified company

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